Fiction: Transmutation Chapter Four

Chapter Four “Aabirah! Come down to my study, I need to speak with you.” The intercom emitted a beep, signalling that the connection had been terminated. Aabirah huffed irritably as she rolled off her bed. Her father’s habit of using the intercom as a summoning device always set her teeth on edge. It invariably resulted … Continue reading Fiction: Transmutation Chapter Four



Running water. Electricity. Laughter. Friendship. There are blessings all around us. Every single day, I barely take notice of things that people would sell themselves for. Gratitude is hard. It’s human nature to start to take things for granted, no matter how wrong that may be. We get caught up and forget to see the … Continue reading Gratitude


I’ve never written about writing before which just now strikes me as a bit strange. It’s such a big part of my life, it’s something that fills up hours of my day. So, let’s talk about writing a bit. It’s something that I didn’t appreciate being able to do at all until I stopped being … Continue reading Writing

Fiction: Transmutation Chapter Three

Chapter Three It was a bright, sunny morning and Daaem had just received fantastic news – the gorgeous young woman who’d been haunting his dreams was, in fact, Qasim’s sister. She hadn’t spent the night with Qasim and, most importantly, she was completely unattached. He looked down at the series of texts Qasim had sent … Continue reading Fiction: Transmutation Chapter Three

My Happy Jar

Credit for this idea goes to both Ayesha Desai and Tasneem Basha for without them, I never would have done it. Yesterday, I sat down and made my very own Happy Jar. It wasn't very complicated in theory - pen, paper, jar. But then I had to think... What does make me happy? At first, … Continue reading My Happy Jar


Inspiration is a funny thing. It’s a bit like a cat in that you must pay attention to it immediately upon its arrival lest it begin to sulk and disappear to hide. Inspiration comes from many things – a beautiful sight or scent, a scene that begins to take form in the back of your … Continue reading Inspiration

Thank You

To the doubters, thank you. To the people who tried to change me, thank you. To the people who’ve been awful, been dismissive, been rude, thank you. Thank you to everyone who’s shaped me into the person I am now. You may not have intended it to benefit me – you almost certainly didn’t intend … Continue reading Thank You

Fiction: Transmutation Chapter Two

Chapter Two She’d walked straight up to Qasim, irritating Daaem to no end. And she was leaving with him? Fury burned in his veins at the thought. ‘What the Hell? Why do I care so much? She’s gorgeous, yeah, but...’ Daaem shook his head, trying to clear it. “See you,” he tossed at Qasim, purposely … Continue reading Fiction: Transmutation Chapter Two